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Pre-Formal Haircare: How To Get Your Healthiest Hair Possible

We are officially in May (All I ask is, how?) which means preparing for mid-year graduations and planning for end-of year celebrations. There are dozens of things on the checklist to do including making sure your skin and hair are looking their best on the day! When you head into that hair salon the week before to get highlights put in or when you are getting the glamorous curls styled on the day, you want to ensure you hair is shiny, bouncy and in the best condition possible. Here is a little old guide to giving your locks the best chance and avoid a Frenchy disaster (if you know, you know):


Don't pull at knots

I know when you see a knot you want it gone immediately and will go to whatever means is possible to get it out, whether that is ripping it out or cutting it out. The gentlest way to remove knots is to use a hair oil, detangling brush and your hands to carefully pull the apart the strands and tease them out.

Stop using so much heat on your hair

I used to be someone who would whip out my magic wand AKA hair straightener every morning, but the longer I did it for the drier and more brittle my hair became. Start by lowering the temperature on all of your hair tools, add in a heat-protectant spray and then try some alternatives such as air-drying after a shower or using styling creams and sprays instead.

Don't wear your hair in a tight ponytail or up-do everyday

While it looks gorgeous, this puts a lot of stress on your strands and can cause them to weaken and eventually snap.

Dye your hair carefully

Please listen to you hairdresser. If you have black hair and want to be a full platinum blonde it will take time and patience, going all in is a big no-no and will results in totally frying your hair! There are safer ways to bleach and colour your hair while keeping it as healthy as possible, look into Olaplex and other treatments that your salon offers to help coloured hair.

Be Careful in Pools

Chlorine is one of the most drying chemicals on your hair so make sure you wash it out immediately after dipping into the pool. If you are a regular swimmer try using a swimming cap for the best protection.



Change your cotton pillowcases to Silk

Great for your skin and hair, a silk pillowcase helps to keep everything moisturized and free of bacteria. Also it's great for people with curly hair and stopping those dreaded knots!

Detox the hair and scalp

We use a lot of products on our hair and the daily sweat and oil combination can cause your scalp and roots to freak out. Use a clarifying shampoo or scalp scrub once a week to remove product buildup and increase circulation.

Use Hair masks/Treatments once a week

These will save your hair hands down! If you have long hair there is a good chance that the ends are in a desperate need of some TLC and hydration, using a treatment can restore these back to their best.



BOOK IN Regular trims

Getting rid of all the old hair every 2-3 months is a must to avoid split ends and nasty buildup at the ends. It might seem like a big commitment to go to the hair dresser regularly but at the very least it ends up being 4 times a year, that is actually pretty manageable!

Choose the right products

Most of the time we could be using a slightly better Shampoo and Conditioner for our hair.

If you have a little bit more to spend, ask your local salon what products they would recommend for your hair-type. Although if you are on a tighter budget you can still find amazing products, just research your brands and stay away from ingredients such as SLS, dimethicone and fragrance which can contribute to hair damage. Look for more of your natural oils and proteins to strengthen and moisturize.

Shampoo the roots, condition the ends

As a general rule of thumb, the head of your hair will always be the oiliest and most nourished as it is closest to your scalp. When washing your hair focus the shampoo on the roots and conditioner on the ends which will receive the least nutrients day to day.

After making these changes and following some simple routines, your hair should be glowing and healthier than ever. If you would like a similar guide to getting glowing skin before your big day, check out this blog post. We would also love to hear your celebrity hair inspirations in the comments below, so make sure to pop that in before you go!

Have a beautiful day xx

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