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Styling Jewelry With Your Dresses, How To Perfect Every Outfit

You’ve got the dress, the shoes and have picked out your hair and makeup but still feel like you are missing something? A simple google of the hottest red carpet looks can show you what completes an outfit are the accessories alongside it. Adding a touch of sparkle and shine to your formalwear can bring it all together and create the ultimate statement, but we all know we are spoiled for choice when it comes to options and that can make it a tad overwhelming. Let’s explore some things to consider and to help make it easier in your search for incredible pieces to add to your outfit;

Gold, Rose Gold or Silver?

The biggest choice of all and first place to start, what type of jewelry do I go for? There are three different ones to choose from, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. Most people have a preference already that makes them feel like a million dollars (Remember when everyone was obsessed with rose gold a few years ago? I still am) but if you don’t know where to start with complementing your outfit and skin-tone our blog post here is a good place to start.

Simple or Bold?

Next on the list, do I go with a statement or plain look in terms of my bling? It depends on your dress and hair (we visit these a bit more below). If you have a classic or simpler dress then lean towards statement earrings or necklaces. On the other hand if your dress is big, sparkly and glamorous opt for more subtle jewelry to complement it and not draw the attention away.

If you want to look elegant and give off old Hollywood vibes, less is more when it comes to jewelry. This is generally best for Bridesmaids too as not to take too much shine away from the bride while still looking incredible (as you always do). If you do want a statement outfit then big earrings, sparkly necklaces and layered bracelets will give you your Cinderella moment as soon as you walk into the room!

Putting It All Together


A big part of whether to go with a big and bold necklace or even go without a necklace at all is to consider your dress’s neckline. Higher necklines such as turtle or halter look amazing with big earrings, and either no necklace or a subtle one;

Lower necklines such as sweetheart, strapless or scoop, can look stunning with a statement necklace that sits near your collarbone;

Lastly plunging necklines can look incredible with layered necklaces. Try different textures, heights and mix simple with sparkles!

Our Catherine & Elizabeth Necklaces


Hoops, studs, flowers or pearls, it all depends on what you do with your hair. Statement earrings, pearls and glam will look gorgeous with an updo or ponytail!

Or if you are having your hair down or half/half maybe go for some simple studs or small hoops;


Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with or ever have enough rings or bracelets! You could have a cute matching moment with your bracelets and necklace too, doubling up on the pearls or flowers.

*Side note, I would recommend considering comfort if you have a long event, especially with your rings as your fingers can swell up towards the end of the day and they may start to rub.

Lots of bling or little, statement or classic, you are going to look amazing all done up on your special day! We just launched a new formal jewelry collection that we would love for you to check out here, who knows, you might find the perfect piece to finish glamming up your outfit.

Before you go, let's have a little tally in the comments of who is a Gold, Rose Gold or Silver wearer?

Have a beautiful day xo

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