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What should I wear? Finding the best colours to compliment your skin undertones

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

An incoming change in weather is the perfect chance to grab some new pieces for your wardrobe and to find clothes that make you feel confident and amazing. A great way to find new additions to your collection is to consider your coloring and shades that will compliment it.

Depending on your skin tone, hair color and eye colour, some outfits could potentially wash you out whereas others will make you look vibrant and glowing. Broken down into an easy checklist, here is how to find which colours will look best in your new wardrobe!:


Some celebrities you may recognize that have a warm-toned complexion include Kim Kardashian West, Jessica Alba and Beyonce. To fit into this category you usually have:

  • Darker brown or black hair

  • Your skin tone is darker and more olive

  • You usually have brown or hazel eyes

  • Your veins appear more on the green side

When choosing clothes, think of lots of earthy colors, more reminiscent of the sunset! These colours will suit you best:

  • Rich, earthy shades of red

  • Rust and burnt oranges

  • Corals

  • Mustard and citrus yellows

  • Khaki and olive greens

  • Chocolate browns

  • Gold Jewelry will also look awesome on you!


You may recognize these cool-toned celebs; Kate Winslet, Elle Fanning and Adele. You are pretty cool (pun intended) if you fit into most of these categories:

  • Lighter hair, usually blonde or red

  • Gray or blue eyes

  • Veins will appear on the blue side

  • Skin has a pinkish undertone

These colors will suit you best, think of more ocean tones:

  • Cobalt blue and turquoise

  • Icy blues

  • Greens (especially mint and grassy greens)

  • Lavender and pinks

  • Berry reds

  • Gray

  • Silver Jewelry will also look amazing on you!


Celebrities who fit into the neutral category and are a bit in-between include Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore! You have neutral coloring if:

  • You don't exactly fit into either warm or cool categories

  • Your veins are neither particularly blue or green

These colors will suit you best:

  • Medium blue

  • Jade

  • Red

  • Peach

  • White

  • Silver and Gold jewelry will also look amazing on you!


Trying new colors can be scary, especially if you generally stick to neutral tones, but finding something bright that looks gorgeous on you and that you feel great in is amazing.

Colours can be a way to express yourself and add a pop to any outfit. If it is way too intimidating to chuck on a pair of bright red pants, try to start small with adding some colours in as accessories first. A headband, earrings or scarf can be a subtle pop of colour to ease yourself into a brighter wardrobe.

We’d love to see your new outfits that you create, comment them below or tag us in Instagram @thewardrobe_official ! What color are you going to try adding into your wardrobe next?

Have a beautiful day xo

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