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Spooky Turned Sexy: How To Have A Glam Halloween

The start of October can only mean one thing… It’s Spooky Season! It’s time to carve some pumpkins and put Hocus Pocus onto the big screen. Halloween is an excuse to dress up in fabulous costumes to go trick or treating in, or embrace your darker side with a bewitching dress at a Halloween ball.

Whilst the white sheet with two holes cut out of it is a classic costume, sometimes you just want any excuse to dress up in the biggest and best dress you can find. Here are our favorite formal dresses with a hint of Halloween in them;




A deep purple or back dress will look bewitching! You can always add a witch hat too for a playful touch.


A burnt orange dress will embrace the jack-o-lantern spirit in the most stunning way possible.

😈 Devilish

Find your tightest and brightest red dress to channel everything sin this October. Some little devil horns would finish the outfit off perfectly.


Who said that looks couldn't kill? The undead will be jealous of you looking gorgeous in green. Smokey eyes would compliment this look well.

Edwina Gown


Float above it all with a soft white dress. You could even try putting on some white eyeliner for a statement. (Also doubles as an Angel costumer with the right wings & halo duo)



For the perfect dark makeup look this Halloween, try out a super smokey eyeshadow look and some bold lip colours (Reds, dark brown & purples). Make sure to enchant everyone all night long with these long wearing makeup tips.

How about some cute festive nails? Here is a guide to nail shapes and inspiration. I personally am going to get some nail art of the cutest ghosts possible


Are you choosing to dress up in Halloween glam or the scariest costume you can find this year? Share your costume ideas with us in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day and a spooky Halloween,

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