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Tips & Tricks For Long-Lasting Makeup

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Whether it’s for your 21st birthday party or you are DIYing your own gorgeous wedding makeup, you’re gonna need that glam to stay in place all day/night long!

With countless makeup products and TikTok beauty trends, it can be hard to know what to do for party-proof makeup. With the help from beauty-industry professionals and a little bit of personal trial and error, we’re going to teach you all the hacks and products to use for makeup that you can show off all night long.



Before we even think about applying any makeup products, you need to consider a solid skincare base to prepare your skin for layers of products. A gentle cleanse and hydrating moisturiser is necessary to set up a smooth, clean surface for the rest of your makeup application. If you would like to prepare your skin in advance, try starting an effective skincare routine a few months before your event.

Don’t forget the lips too! Exfoliate them with a warm towel or delicious lip scrub and pop on a thick lip balm lock in moisture. This will help lip products to apply smoothly and not settle into any cracks or dry patches.

Almost everything can be primed, and when needing a Glam Look to last all day/night you should definitely prime it all! If you have oily skin, try a mattifying primer to control oils. For dry skin, a moisturizing primer with a bit of stickiness to it is ideal to grip makeup. Combination skin? Mix and match the two! You can also find lash and eye primer to boost colours and wear time of your eye makeup.


Once you have your skincare and primer ticked off, it is time to move onto adding a blinding glow and chiseling out those cheekbones!

Oil-free/Long wearing foundation with a liquid concealer will be your perfect coverage match! To really lock everything in, especially your concealer, try a bit of baking (not quite the banana bread and blueberry muffin kind...) by pressing in powder with a sponge and dusting away the remainder.

Setting sprays will melt everything together to create a more seamless look, and you can even find professional stage/camera makeup setting sprays which are a must-have for long wear.

A good duo for long lasting contour, blush and highlighter is to layer a cream and powder formula together. Be careful not to wear a cream by itself without setting it though, as it can separate and transfer throughout the night.


When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, ensure they don’t rub off or run with waterproof alternatives. Liquid eyeshadows can be longer wearing than powder eyeshadows and brow gel is a perfect way to set brows and ensure not a single hair goes out of place.

To keep your lips looking totally kissable all night long, use a lip liner to prevent product bleeding and a lip stain/24 hour lipstick to keep some colour without needing to reapply after every sip of your cocktail.


After you have finished your makeup, here are some bits and pieces to keep in your purse for touch-ups throughout the night to stay looking fresh and fabulous;

  • Blotting paper

  • Mattifying powder

  • Lip gloss for a colour refresh

  • Beauty sponge to buff out any smudged makeup

Need a bit more help? Our gorgeous makeup artist Brooke Stanley AKA Jabbas Makeup can ensure you look stunning throughout the whole event, big or small!


What makeup look/inspiration are you going for on the day? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Have a gorgeous day,

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