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Your Guide To Perfect Formal (& Wedding) Nails

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Dress? ✅ Hair? ✅ Makeup? ✅ Nails? That is where we come in.

One of the last steps and perfect accessory in a killer outfit is your mani-pedi. Your nails can be the final statement to your outfit or help to tie everything together (think all white shoes, bag and nails, cute!).

When it comes to your manicure looking the best it can and lasting the longest time possible there are necessary steps to take and certain things to avoid. Let’s chat through some ways to improve your nail health/condition and various gorgeous shapes, colours and designs to guide your nail inspo for when you next enter the salon;



Essentially your skincare before your makeup application, nail care is important before and after your manicures!

We use our hands everyday for everything. This means our nails can get weakened and the skin on our hands gets damaged and dry (Did you know the hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging too?). Here are some of the best things to do to look after your hand and nail health;

  • Use cuticle oils and creams, these will restore moisturize and soften the cuticle.

  • Wear open shoes as much as possible, closed toe shoes can be a cause for infections and ingrown toenails (if your shoes are too tight and can rub).

  • Cut nails straight across to avoid ingrowns, especially applies to your toenails.

  • Don’t chew your nails. This can be a really hard habit to break but sometimes wearing fake nails and putting on nail polishes with a bitter taste can help.

  • Wear gloves whenever using chemicals or doing activities such as gardening as these can not only be bad for your skin but can damage your nails too.

  • Slather the hand cream on before bed every night to hydrate.

  • Don’t pick at hangnails, as tempting as it is!

  • Biotin (B Complex Vitamin) supplements are great for nails, remember to check with your doctor before use.

  • Keep nails clean by regular nail brushing, this can also promote blood flow and nail growth.

  • Try to have a healthy diet where possible. Your hair, skin and nails are the last place to get any vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

  • Avoid nail polish removers with Acetone as these can weaken nails.

  • For anti-aging of the skin, try a chemical hand peel! These will eat away at dead skin cells and help lighten any pigmentation.


These are the most common nail shapes that people ask for (Squared Oval/Squoval nails tend to be the top pick as the rounded edges avoid your nails catching but they still look stunning!) ;



Once you know your shape and before/aftercare it is time to choose your colours and designs! Nail art and even mixing and matching polish colours is a great way to be creative with your outfit. You can add in some cute designs and find the perfect statement shades!

For a more natural look, nude colours such as beiges and pinks can be gorgeous as well as stunning whites and French tips. Red is always a bold statement colour as well as bright neon's and lots of sparkle for a bit more bling.


Now with your claw's ready to rival Catwoman's you should be ready for formal! What is your nail inspiration for formal? Are you having a statement moment or matching your other accessories with neutral shades? Let us know in the comments below,

Have a lovely day,

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