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Summer Lovin: How to Prepare your Wardrobe for Summer 2022/23

As it comes to the end of a rainy Spring, it’s time to get excited about a sunny Summer! I’m hoping for plenty of beach-weather-days and opportunities to have cute picnics in the park. It’s time to dust off the sandals and embrace the brighter colours for a fresh new season. Here is your complete guide to swapping your cold weather wardrobe for a fun summer one;

Starting Fresh

To see what you have and what you may need, it is always nice to pull everything out of your wardrobe seasonally and do a declutter. Get rid of the old clothes you no longer wear to make room for your vibrant new pieces! You can probably pack away most of your warmer clothes into storage boxes for when next Autumn/Winter comes around too. If you want to completely simplify your life, a capsule wardrobe could be the way to go.

Trending Colors for Summer 2022/23

According to the leaders of fashion, the colours that everyone will be wearing this summer are the bolder greens, oranges, yellows and pinks and the more staple/base colours are greys, creams, baby blues and browns. Pattern wise flowers, fruits and leafy patterns are always complimentary to Summer.

Essential Pieces

When looking at buying new clothes for Summer, there are things to look out for; More breathable fabrics like bamboo, linen and cotton will be a lifesaver in humidity, flowier designs will be more comfortable and lighter colours will keep you cooler. Here are some gorgeous pieces to add into your wardrobe;

  • Maxi skirts

  • Dresses

  • Wide leg pants

  • Oversized shirts

  • High-waisted shorts

  • Jumpsuit

  • One-piece swimsuits.

  • & When in doubt, a cute athleisure wear set comes in handy.

Time To Accessorize

Every outfit needs a little bit of accessorizing to complete it! Here are some staples to add into your rotation;

  • Wide brimmed hats

  • Statement hoops/earring for when you have your hair up (step up your jewelry game here).

  • Big Sunglasses

  • Wedge sandals

  • Basket bags (This gives me so many cute market vibes)

  • Ballet flats are back and here to stay!

Beauty Tips

Whether it comes to lounging around on the beach or staying out late this summer, light and natural makeup is in! Tinted moisturizers/BB creams, pink lip stains and bold highlighters will be your go-to’s. Longwearing makeup tips will come in handy on the hot and humid days to stop everything sliding straight off too. Let’s not forget your hair and keeping it cute in a bun or braid!

Our Summer Formal Dress Picks;

Have a big event coming up this Summer? Whether it is a formal, wedding or epic party, here are our choices for the trendiest dresses this season;

From Left to Right; Blossom Gown, Prudence Gown, Alyce Gown


What are you looking forward to most this Summer? I can’t wait to upgrade my vampire-ish complexion to a glowing goddess tan! Remember to slip, slop and slap the sunscreen on and have fun creating killer summer outfits.

Have an amazing day,

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