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How To Easy Fashion: A Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Fashion is fun, exciting and challenging at times. Spending hours trying to choose an outfit that you feel totally confident and comfortable in can be draining. Enter the Capsule Wardrobe; A way to make choosing an outfit quick, easy, stress-free and guarantee that every outfit will be your best one yet.

Capsule wardrobes are a small collection of your essential clothes that you can mix and match together effortlessly. You will save time and money, help the environment, and narrow your wardrobe down to only items that you feel incredible in. Here's how to do it;


Time to take stock of your closet, what items do you wear the most? What colours do you instantly gravitate towards? What sizes do you feel most comfortable in? Remember, the goal is to make a wardrobe that you look and feel fabulous in. Time to get rid of those items that you ‘might one day fit into again’ or that you never really liked in the first place. If they don’t make you happy then they don’t deserve to be taking up space in your cupboard anymore.

If you haven’t worn an item for more than a month, get rid of it! A good way to track this is by putting everything to the left of your wardrobe and moving it to the right once you have worn it. After 4-8 weeks, consider donating or selling anything on the left.


Time to create your perfect new wardrobe! This is what you need to look for in any clothes you keep or new ones you buy;

  • Look for pieces that will last a lifetime and that you believe you will wear a lot. Sometimes this means investing a bit more money into a piece but knowing that you will never need to replace it.

  • Lots of neutral colors; think black, white, denim, browns. You can mix and match these with everything.

  • Choose some statement colours that you love and that compliment your coloring.

  • Pieces that you can layer together no matter the season!

  • Clothes that you feel good in and that make you happy.

  • Choose classic & timeless pieces (That trend may be cute now, but will you look back and cringe in 5 years time?).

  • Allow yourself to purchase a new item every now and again. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean never shopping, it is just purchasing things you need.



Here is a rough list of what you clothes will complete your new lifestyle, feel totally free to mix and match and make it your own;


  • X2 Basic Tees

  • X2 Tank Tops

  • X2 Long Sleeves/Turtlenecks (Essential for layering in Winter!)

  • X2 Sweaters

  • X1 Button-Up Shirt


  • X2 Leggings

  • X2 Jeans

  • X2 Pants/Trousers

  • X2 Shorts

  • X2 Skirts

  • X1 Trackpants/Joggers


  • X1 Boots

  • X1 Runners

  • X1 Heels

  • X1 Sandals

  • X1 Casual Shoes


  • X1 Denim Jacket

  • X1 Cardigan

  • X1 Blazer

  • X1 Winter coat


  • X1 Casual dress

  • X1 LBD/Little Black Dress

  • X1 Formal dress (If you ever need another one then consider Hiring vs Buying)


  • X1 Tote bag

  • X1 Going out bag/clutch

  • X1 Scarf

  • X1 Sunglasses

  • X1 Earring Studs

  • X1 Earring Hoops

  • X1 Watch

  • X1 Bracelet

  • X1 Necklace


There we have it, a full guide to a fabulous, fun and convenient wardrobe! What do you think of capsule wardrobes? What would your top 3 essential clothing items be? Mine are jeans, converse and an oversized sweater!

Happy decluttering!

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