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Hiring VS Buying

the future of formal dress shopping

Step #1 for any big event - find the perfect dress. It can be the most amazing part of preparing for the day and also the biggest stress. Browsing through shop after shop, trying on different fits and colours unsure of what works for you, and grimacing at each price tag. It’s intense start to finish and can dull the shine of the whole experience on occasion.

In comes an idea turned into an amazing boutique and experience, renting a dress instead of buying one. The perfect option to find your perfect dress and make it a hassle-free journey start to finish. Leave behind the stress of spending thousands on a dress that you will only wear once and instead have an affordable yet still stunning designer dress. Whether you want to look like Beyonce or Cinderella, you can do it on half the budget.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to Hire instead of Buy your next formal dress:

Cost Efficient Style

The best part about hiring dresses is that it is an affordable way to be glam while being wallet conscious! Experience luxury, glamor and designer without having to dig into the savings account and feel serious buyer’s regret.

Instead of spending thousands on one designer dress that you might not like or fit into in a few years, hire the trendiest dresses when you need them! You can spend the extra money you save on sparkly accessories or for getting your hair, nails and makeup done.

High Quality Designer Dresses

Imagine browsing the racks of a single boutique, with countless designers all in one place. You have endless choices to find the highest quality, most beautiful dress for your perfect formal snap! Guaranteed to be extra glittery, super comfortable and to make you feel like a queen.

Hiring a designer dress also means there is a low chance you have to worry about accidentally twinning with anyone, whoops!

Environmentally Friendly

Spending a fortune on a gown that you will wear once and never rock again is sad. Hiring a dress means that you are saving clothes from landfill, according to the Australian Government, ‘Annually Australian’s acquire an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing per person, and discard around 23 kilograms of clothing to landfill each year.’ Those are so many clothes getting cycled through and crazy amounts of money being spent.

With the world becoming more aware of climate change and the effect that things such as the textile sector have on the planet, it is great seeing small changes happen. Try and do your little bit by decreasing the amount of purchases you make and consider renting your next dress.

A Fun Experience

The Wardrobe is a one-stop all inclusive formal dress hire for the girls of Brisbane. We are with you through the whole process, from finding the perfect color to compliment your skin-tone to putting on the false lashes as you are about to leave. We offer dress hire, hair, makeup, spray tanning, lash extensions and brow services. We’re here to make formal fashion fun, accessible and as glamorous as ever! Our trials are free of charge, we just want to see you fall in love with a gown and be your gorgeous self, check us out here.

Hassle free aftercare!

Hiring a dress means it is an easy, convenient and enjoyable experience from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about the dry cleaning and pressing of the dress, you can just wear it, flaunt it and move on. You will also save on closet space/storage by not having to find a home for the dress to live in for years to come. Your only job is to look beautiful and enjoy your night, we handle the rest.

Think of hiring a dress as borrowing clothes from a friend. The bit you pay ensures quality and a smooth dress-finding process. It is an enjoyable experience at a very affordable price, making designer dresses available to more people. There may be events where it is more practical to buy a dress (consider a second-hand one to make this eco-friendly!), but in a lot of cases renting a dress ticks all the boxes. It is amazing to have options when it comes to formal fashion and to not have to stress about spending thousands to compete with the trends in the world. Consider booking a trial with us before your next event to see what we offer and to experience the benefits of hiring a formal dress.

Have a beautiful day xx

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