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Winter Formalwear Guide

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

It is officially winter-time here down under and while a lot of Australia never sees snow, we definitely still get the seasonal frostiness and freezing cold air. Formal events on a warm summer’s night can be so carefree and fun when it comes to your outfit, but when it is a cold winter evening the last thing you want is to be shivering the night away.

As well as staying warm, you also want your outfit to be on theme and on point! Popular themes for winter events whether it is a school formal/ball or even a wedding, tend to be anything starry, snowy and icy (definitely am getting some Elsa & Frozen vibes).

Today we’ve found the perfect colours, dresses and accessories for you to consider and ways to add a cute little touch of wintertime magic to your outfit;



Your first stop is to consider which dress is going to look stunning whilst covering you up in all the right places. You can look at fabrics such as wool, silk, fleece and nylon to keep in the heat, otherwise thicker/heavier dresses with lots of layers will be your go-to.

How about the style? Something floor length with sleeves and a higher neckline will stop everything from being exposed to cold night air. Otherwise have a bold moment in a suit or a jumpsuit for easier layering.

Hazel Gown


Traditional winter colours are anything cool-toned including deep blues, icy blues, silvers and purples. Statements colour for winter are your emerald greens, burgundy and gold. Black and whites are a staple too, try adding a pop of colour to these outfits through a coloured tie, statement jewelry, nails or even your makeup look for the night!

Texture and pattern wise, sequins will look amazing and anything starry is bound to be a instant winner.

Our Top Winter Colours!


There are some stunning accessories and layers you can add to your formal outfits throughout winter in order to look chic but also be more comfortable in the cold.

For warmth under your dress;

  • Slip dress

  • Thermal underwear

  • Tights or fleece leggings

For style over your dress;

  • Formal gloves (Channeling old Hollywood vibes)

  • Leather Jacket

  • Faux Fur Coat (Totally a glamorous moment)

  • Boots or closed toe heels

  • Wool Shawl or cardigan

Not sure what jewelry to wear for the night? Check out our post here for more bling inspiration!


That brings us to the end of our little Winter Formalwear Guide, we would love to know, do you prefer winter or summer fashion? I love winter fashion and cozying up with boots, a scarf and a chai latte!

Have a gorgeous day,

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