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Ultimate Hydrating Winter Skincare Routine

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

As the temperature drops and the humidity disappears, our skin can dry up and become very dehydrated. Winter fashion is amazing (Totally on board with the cozy oversized sweaters at the moment!) but winter skincare can be a struggle.

As the air gets colder we tend to turn the showers up hotter and change many things which our skin doesn't like too much, but this can all be solved with some simple swaps and additions to your routine. Your skincare at this freezing time of year should be nourishing, gentle and calming to counteract everything around it. Here are our tips and tricks to up your winter skincare game;

You can tell if your skin might be on the drier side if you notice your skin feels tight or irritated after cleansing and like you can never put enough moisturizer on!


When your skin is already dry and irritated, you want to keep as much moisture on it as possible. Avoid foaming cleansers, opt for cream & milk cleansers instead as these will still clean the skin of dirt and makeup but won't strip all of your natural oils.


Time to pop extra hydration into the skin! The best serums/ingredients to look for are;

Hyaluronic acid- can hold up to 1000x its weight in water, but make sure you are misting regularly as hyaluronic acid can dry the skin out if there isn’t enough moisture in the air.

Ceramides- Repairs skin damage and prevents dryness.

Squalene- Squalene is naturally on your skin and provides lots of moisture.

AHA's- While technically these are exfoliants, Alpha Hydroxy Acids like Latic Acid and Glycolic Acid can help to lock in hydration.

Vitamin E- Softens skin and protects your cells from damage.


When choosing a moisturizer, look for something thicker and more deeply hydrating. Try applying it when your skin is still wet for more effectiveness. You can also layer oil over the top for extra plumpness. Every skin type can and should use oil in winter, these are the best oils for your skin type;

Dry- Argan and Avocado oils are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

Oily/Combination- Jojoba and Squalene oils will be lighter for your skin and not clog the pores.

Acne-Prone Skin- Rosehip oil is amazing for acne-prone skin with essential fatty acids and helps to calm inflammation.


Transepidermal Water Loss is when water passes through the skin and evaporates. It is a natural process but can be aggravated and sped up by a drier environment and too many harsh products/treatments. Have you heard of slugging? This technique involves putting a Petrolatum (petroleum jelly) on top of everything to lock it in for overtime hydration and help to prevent TEWL.


  • Try to get professional facials/ skin treatments every 6-8 weeks. Ask your beauty therapist about different treatments that they offer at their salon for hydration, some great ones include Hydrodermabrasion (Exfoliates and infuses hydration) and LED Treatments (heals and soothes the skin).

  • Remember to drink lots of water!

  • Steam is amazing at naturally hydrating the skin. You can find at home facial steamers or even try a sauna/steam room.

  • Drinking a lot of alcohol can dry your skin out so try to limit it where you can.

  • Turn down the shower water temp slightly.

  • Rethink your skincare routine and what you can do to step it up even more.

  • Be extra gentle with your products and their ingredients, look for fragrance-free and alcohol-free where possible.

  • Did you know that you still have to wear SPF even in winter? Sun rays are there even if you can’t see them so protect yourself all year round with an SPF 50+.

  • Mist your skin throughout the day to rehydrate.


How is your skin feeling so far this winter? It has been colder than ever! Stay cozy and look after your gorgeous skin.

Have an amazing day,

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